Come'on get involved

A community is only as good as its people - if you wish to do more for your community we would love to have you on the committee. We don't just drink coffee although its not a bad thing. We discuss issues affecting the way we live; traffic, roading, crime, council consents etc.


In 2006, the Pinehill Committee successfully stopped Hugh Green Group from full commercialism of the area in and around Ballyboe Place (off Hugh Green Drive). The consultation between Hugh Green Group and the residents of Pinehill ensured commercial development stayed up on the land along Greville Road.





Here's some of the issues that need input from the community.
The new housing development and traffic congestion (area near Buncrana Place/Carrigans Close/Rathmullen Place). Hugh Green Drive's traffic woes are already very well known - what will another 200+ new homes bring if the only way in and out is Rathmullen Place (off Hugh Green Drive)?



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